E-Bike Health Information

A New Way Forward

E-Bikes are out about 15 years. They account for one in three of all bike sales in Holland and one in five in Germany. E-Bikes are popular amongst all age groups. From time pressed commuters going to work with long distances to travel – to busy parents with kids and older mature cyclists who want to continue to exercise, be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle (but need assistance). E-Bikes are the answer, and this trend looks to continue to grow in popularity into the future.

Our E-Bikes

Paddy & Nelly Dutch Style E-Bikes have easy on/off access and are very easy to operate with  120km range on a single charge. People are delighted when they try a bike out for first time! E-Bikes are a huge assistance to people who want to get out and enjoy the countryside, but can’t do so on a regular bike as they may have health issues e.g. joint replacements, asthma etc. An E-Bike allows you to do exactly what you want drop in for a try!

The Health Benefits

Benefits resulting from sustained aerobic exercise

Cycling has the potential to help many people meet suggested exercise goals, however, not everyone can cycle, or cycle substantial distances, due to various health related factors. This is of course, where E-Bikes can help. Electric Bikes make cycling possible for a much wider range of people.

Cycling more

Using an E-Bike allows riders to go on longer journeys and make more use of their time. The added assistance enables users to stay out longer on the bike and cover more distance. This in turn increases the amount of trips taken in time.

Strengthening muscles, bones and joints

E-Bikes are heavier then normal bikes. So steering, pedalling and balancing an electric bike provides strengthening exercise that ensures healthy and strong muscles, bones and joints.

Sustained aerobic exercise

Research has proven that the best thing for our health is sustained exercise. Studies show that people riding E-Bikes receive sustained aerobic exercise, reaping all the associated health benefits.

Building confidence

An E-Bike can make cycling much less daunting for older people and people recovering from injuries. They are an excellent way to help build confidence!

More Resources

You can check out the Electric Bike’s Blog to find out more about Electric Bike’s and what benefits and features they have. You can also check out the E-Bike Cycle Tourists website recording their 27,800 kilometre tour of mainland Europe and the UK! You can also check out the videos we’ve included.