About This Break

This is a way to a true Irish rural experience. With Kylemore Abbey, Killary Fjord Cruise, Ashleigh Falls waterfall all within breathtaking cycling distance along one of the world's most beautiful Killary Fjord itself. Our Leenaun break is sure to be what you're looking for.

Things to see:

  1. Killary Fjord Loop: This route around Ireland's only fjord offers stunning coastal views. The e-bike's assistance is perfect for tackling any challenging inclines, making the journey enjoyable for riders of all fitness levels.
  2. The Sky Road Loop: Starting from Clifden, this loop is famed for its breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. The route can be challenging, but the assistance from an e-bike makes it more accessible.
  3. Doolough Valley Ride: This ride takes you through a valley of outstanding natural beauty, with opportunities to stop and appreciate the serene lakes and rugged mountain scenery.
  4. Maam Valley: This lesser-known valley offers tranquil roads perfect for cycling, with minimal traffic and captivating landscapes.

Cycle over the mountains to Delphi & Doolough.

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Two nights accomodation will be provided in the cost of this package. Stay includes bed & breakfast.

Equipment & Info

  • Electric bike OR hybrid bike
  • Luggage transfer OR pannier bags
  • Helmet, bike and safety equipment

When planning your biking tour, remember to check the battery range of your e-bike and locate charging points along your route. Local bike shops can also provide valuable advice and assistance if needed. This region's mix of flat terrains and gentle hills makes it ideal for an e-bike or hybrid bike adventure, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.