Terms and Conditions

On holiday everyone is relaxed and we want everybody to have a great time so just like car hire or hiring any other equipment we must advise you of  your responsibilities and of our common sense rules that apply at Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire which must be read before departure. Upon purchase and/or rental of a service from Paddy & Nelly Bike, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  1. Customers must declare that they are in good health and physically able to use a Paddy & Nelly Bike.
  2. Helmets and high visibility (high-vis) jackets are included with all bike hires and must be used.
  3. Customer must, in person, check the bike or equipment is in good working condition e.g. handle bars, brakes, tyres, wheels and correct seat position.
  4. Customer must confirm on bike hire declarations form that they understand that THEY ARE NOT INSURED by Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire and that they use bikes and equipment entirely at their own risk. We advise customers to have their own holiday liability insurance.
  5. It is our policy that every customer takes a bike for a short test cycle before use, all customers must be satisfied that bike is in good mechanical condition and not damaged. Any problems must be reported immediately.
  6. Customer is responsible for the bike and equipment hired at all times and must take all reasonable steps to prevent damage or theft. Locks are provided for security.
  7. Customers are responsible for the condition and safety of the bike and equipment rented. To prevent damage bike must not be put on the ground, against walls fences etc. Bike foot stand must be used at all times. When away from bike and equipment, bike must be locked to a stationary pole or fence or simply to another bike. Bike stand NOT to be used as wheel rims can get bent. All basket/saddle bags must be taken with you.
  8. Customers must not bring bikes onto beaches, or onto land off of designated cycle tracks. If this happens, a cleaning and reoiling charge of €20.00 (twenty euros) will be applied to the customer.
  9. Damage or theft of bike or equipment must be reported to our office as soon as possible. The customer shall be responsible for any damage or theft as a result of negligence.
  10. Parents are liable for any damage caused by their children to bikes or equipment.
  11. Customer must not operate bike while under influence of alcohol, drugs or medication as per the rules of the road legislation. At all times, it is possible to simply arrange a taxi and bike pick up and avoid ruining the day.
  12. E-Bike Hire (bike value €2500.00) and with high bike value, customer must make a refundable deposit and strictly adhere to all conditions and requests set out by Paddy & Nelly Bike.
  13. A late return fee will apply when returns are unreasonably arranged after hours.
  14. Cancellation policy: full refund will only be applied with cancellation minimum of 48 hours notice by email or phone call  – alternatively we can move your booking to another date when possible.