Kid's Trailer

Minimum age of 1 year old and sitting up. We offer attachable and detachable kiddie trailers with extra storage. These trailers offer many features including room for two small children with secure seat fasteners, wind and water-proof material and clear cover, rear storage compartment and secure-locking wheels.

Attachable Seats

We offer easy mounting and secure seating for children for both 1 to 3 years old and 3-5/6 years old (max 45 kg). So there are two types available, with a 22kg and 45kg option. Add at the booking page for your convenience!

Wet Gear

We offer all-weather proof premium poncho-capes to keep you shielded from the elements. These foldable poncho-capes provide full coverage and can be draped over the bike as you cycle. With smartly designed ventilation and comfortable shape, this multi purpose wet gear will keep you from being under the weather.
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