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Top Views Around Clew Bay

A Warm Welcome To Westport Westport is one of the most beautiful towns along the Wild Atlantic Way and indeed, in Ireland. It is surrounded …

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Clew Bay – Top Things To See & Do

Murrisk village and surrounding areas is just an 8 km cycle from Paddy & Nelly Bike hire in Westport Town centre. With its on road cycle route (which hugs the coast line – right on the water) – its an easy comfortable cycle. The views, scenery and the area make it a wonderful area full of rich history and well worth a trip.

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Achill Shuttle Bus

With a huge demand over summer 2020 to cycle the Greenway from Achill to Westport Paddy & Nelly Bike hire have introduced a new shuttle …

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Paddy & Nelly Bikes

Bike Lock and Security

Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire bicycles are fitted with the best built in bike lock. Axa, the brand of choice in lock security in Holland …

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Paddy & Nelly Bikes

Puncture Proof Tyres

Paddy & Nelly Bikes are fitted with a reinforced Schwalbe tyre and inner tube. Schwalbe are a leading manufacturer in gumming of top quality tyres. …

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Dog Trailer

Paddy & Nelly Bike in Westport offer a professional dog trailer which allows owners to travel with their pets distances they would not normally be …

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As you will have seen, we recommend wonderful short scenic routes out around Clew Bay and to Newport port town. They are comfortable to do, just a 25km round trip which takes 2-3 hrs including stop off. This route is suitable for average to moderate fitness and families.

For those who would like to explore the The Great Western Greenway out to Mulranny – Achill, 43 km one way and 86 km return. We recommend you take our shuttle bus out from Westport and start at either place and cycle back. The 43/50km takes approximately 4 to 5+ hours – so set aside the day.  You can easily break up this time with a great choice of stop offs along the way in wild countryside, a tour route Cafe or Mulranny /Newport Towns.

There are toilet facilities along the way. Moderate plus fitness level is advised  and  the route is suitable for kids 8 to 10 yeas and older. Or, you can use a large kid’s bike seat (45kg) or kid’s trailer.

We advise you to bring water, snacks, wind gear, pullover and a mobile. We will advise how best you can break up day when you arrive!

An early start is best advised as the route is very busy in afternoons. We can start from 8.00am!

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