Bikes For Rental

Our Bicycles

Paddy & Nelly offer a wide range of bicycles to experience the Great Western Greenway. Our array of bikes offer something for everyone.

Paddy & Nelly Premium Bike

Paddy & Nelly’s custom designed ‘Dutch Style’ Nelly bikes are state of the art and demonstrate our commitment to quality and luxury. These amazing bicycles feature; comfortable suspension seat, adjustable handle-bars and saddles, no cross-bar for easy on-off access, hand moulded grips and secure locking. These are highly recommended to add luxury to your cycle.


Paddy & Nelly offer Dutch style ebikes for day rental. E-Bikes offer a more casual option for looking for those looking to take on the longer routes without the added effort. E-Bikes can cover up to 120km on a full charge. There are many health benefits associated with an E-Bike and they are accessible for everyone. We strongly recommend and require all customers to spend 20 minutes to be familiar with and learn how to use an electric bike. To have the best experience, this can be done the day or evening before booking through a test cycle. This will be arranged with you prior to booking. Electric bikes should only be used by adult experienced riders.

Dutch Tour Bike

Paddy & Nelly offer a wide range of high quality Gazelle Dutch tour bikes for the spirited traveller. Enjoy the beautiful Westport Greenway and use our recommended routes. Find out what experiences we can offer you today from €25.00 per person per day. 

Trekking Bike

For those who seek the thrill of adventure, we stock a range of trekking bikes that are tough enough to traverse all kinds of terrain. Book one today from €25.00 per person per day and see where you can go with that adventurous mind! See our family/group deals and price list for our range of bike hire offers.

Hybrid Bike

The hybrid bike will suit most cyclists. With comfortable saddle, grips and handlebars. The hybrid bike is perfect for every kind of adventure.

Kid's Bike

Paddy & Nelly offer a range of kids sized bikes. Tire sizes include: 20″ (5 to 8 years old), 24″ (9 to 12 years old) and 26″ (12 and up). We also offer a range of accessories for those that have not yet learned to cycle. Parents have the option to make use of our kids’ trailers which can hold two children or our attachable seating which is suitable for children aged up to 6 years of age. We also have recommended deals for families!

Enhancing Your Bike Hire

Book Extras

Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire carry a wide range of accessories to complete your trip. The weather in Ireland (especially on the Atlantic coast) can change quickly, so be prepared to bring some rain/wind gear, pullover, hat, scarf and gloves where applicable for the time of year. We will provide you with a pannier bag to attach to your bike. We also offer top quality rain capes to rent which allow you to go out in most West of Ireland weather. We also have disposable rain coats!