Dog Trailer

Paddy & Nelly Bike in Westport offer a professional dog trailer which allows owners to travel with their pets distances they would not normally be able to do! This means that everyone can get our and enjoy the countryside. Your best friend will not have to be left behind!

To date we have combinations of everything from younger and older dogs together to dogs with some missing limbs heading out to Newport with their loving owner. This experience would be great for dogs going out on the Greenway that won’t be able for the 25km roundtrip.

Settle Them

The secret to getting dogs unfamiliar with the trailer is to bring a his blanket and have a treat to hand. Get him in quickly and head off. Our experience is that your best friend will settle quickly and happily. There is a convenient roof opening to allow for air movement. A clip inside means the lead can be easily and securely attached. There is a rear entrance and front exit allowing for easy on and off access for the pet.

What They Think

Reports are mixed. Some like to look out front, but most like to lie down and relax. This means they can look out the rear entrance. Of course, it’s very important they see other family members in a group to relieve any anxiety the pet may feel.

All in all, the dog trailer is a great advantage for single and family owners so that their best friend can travel also! You can book your Paddy & Nelly bike online today with a dog trailer. You will be able to experience the Great Western Greenway with your best friend in comfort and style!

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