Clew Bay – Top Things To See & Do

Why Choose Clew Bay?

Firstly, Murrisk is the home to the world famous Croagh Patrick or the Reek as its better known locally. However, less well known are the historical standing stones nearby. It is a 3000 year old site created by neo-lithic settled peoples who held ceremonies at the Summer and Winter Solstice. The stones at the historic site, are aligned with the mountain top. These are on your right, located right on the waters edge. As you come closer to Croagh Patrick, there is a turn down to your right with a monument. This is dedicated to the now closed fishing industry that once thrived in the area over the centuries. Stopping here is worth it as it is a wonderful spot to have a quiet picnic. There are some lovely seats and benches provided on the water that make it an ideal stop off location.

Walking & Bike Hire – More Historic Sites

Obviously, the location is ideal for bike hire. You can discover the historic sites at your own pace. The hinterland has planned walks and accessible cycle routes which lead down to quiet secluded beaches. Interestingly, this is where sea weed is harvested for the cosmetic industry. At the northern end of Murrisk – and closer to Croagh Patrick, is Murrisk Abbey built by monks in 14th century. This was the starting point for pilgrimages to climb the mountain. 

Climbing Croagh Patrick

This spiritual climb takes approximately four hours in a round trip. We recommend appropriate clothes and shoes – as the weather can change dramatically on way up (remember, we are in Ireland). At the summit of Croagh Patrick is a small chapel. This chapel was built over one hundred years ago. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views. You have access to the views out over the 365 islands that make up Clew Bay. You will also see Mulranny and Achill Island on far side – with Clare Island and Bertra Beach to your left.

Clew Bay Beaches

Bertra is a must be place to visit. It takes you right out into Clew Bay where you are far away from it all. We can simply describe it as a beautiful, wild and natural place.

The return journey to our bike hire store is just 12 km (or an hour) by bike.

Other Things To See

Of course, the trip would not be complete without stopping in Westport Harbour! It is directly in front of you on way back from Croagh Patrick. It has many cafe bars, restaurants,  coffee shops and eateries. There is also the opportunity to do some sea swiming in the spot with steps down to the sea!  You also have the opportunity to go sea fishing or a to get a cruise around Clew Bay  from the pier

All in all Westport is a little gem to discover, and Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire can help you find what you’re looking for in your getaway or cycle tour!