Bike Lock and Security

Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire bicycles are fitted with the best built in bike lock. Axa, the brand of choice in lock security in Holland and Germany mean your experience on the Great Western Greenway will be safe and secure at all times! Our custom made, premium bikes in Germany all come with a lock and a separate chain. This allows even more security and proves a reliable deterrent to would-be opportunists.

You have various combinations options:

  • To another bike
  • To a bike stand
  • To a pole

You can also use the key lock mechanism on the bike to lock the rear wheel. This leaves the bikes completely immobilized.

Peace of Mind

This double combination is a serious deterrent and leaves the cyclist and holiday maker with peace of mind while away from the bike. With the Axa lock your Paddy & Nelly Bike is safe. You’re free to experience the great Western Greenway in comfort, style and with the added benefit of great security and peace of mind!