Puncture Proof Tyres

Paddy & Nelly Bikes are fitted with a reinforced Schwalbe tyre and inner tube. Schwalbe are a leading manufacturer in gumming of top quality tyres. This offers the ultimate protection for our customers with Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire in Westport. This extends to great protection on difficult and tough terrain or when presented with foreign objects that might somehow find their way into a cycle lane.

A Superior Longevity And Experience

The Schwalbe tyre will also offer superior longevity and will allow the average cyclist to be puncture free. This means you can be tyre replacement free for up to five years. The higher cost of a Schwalbe tyre is well worth the investment. The everyday tyre just don’t give the comfort and reliability one can get with a Schwalbe experience on a Paddy & Nelly Bike.

Book Today

You can book your Paddy & Nelly premium bike with Schwalbe tyres online today. Contact us directly if you wish to discuss different options. At Paddy & Nelly, we’re always happy to help guide you to the best holiday experiences.