Kid’s Trailers

Paddy & Nelly have two types of kids trailers available for use on the Great Western Greenway. The first is the Thule (Swedish) trailer with seating for two small children (1 to 4 years old) with comfortable and individual straps. Paddy & Nelly Bike Westport, also provide blankets as we understand sometimes kids can get cold (even in the summer).

A mesh screen or clear plastic screen can be used to seal the cabin where the kids are. The cabin can also be left open (weather permitting of course). The Thule blue trailer has very generous storage space and will allow parents to bring everything needed for junior. It will also have room for coats/jackets. The rear area of the trailer can be closed, meaning the content s will stay dry and safe.

The second trailer (red) is suitable for two small children or a single taller child. It has much higher head room and a hard floor base. The seat is higher and moulted – and would be similar to our blue trailer offering. Your kids will be kept try with the cover or, if it’s sunny and warm (and of course you’re happy too) you can leave the cabin open. This trailer would not offer large storage space then the Thule blue.

The best part about both trailers in they both have large wheels. This means that the trailers will drag less thus making for a more pleasant cycle experience. You will experience the Great Western Greenway with your children in style and comfort. This is not to be missed!