Paddy & Nelly Saddles

Our large kitten soft Italian saddle is the ultimate in cycling comfort. It has strong metal springs which allow the cyclist to sit in the most comfortable position. The saddle height can easily be controlled with an adjustable easy clip on frame stem or by an easy to use allen key. This allows you to adjust the height to the correct level.

We invite all of our customers and cyclists to allow time to get the seat adjustment correct before they head off. By taking time to make these adjustments that provide for a superior cycling experience you can avoid bad legs that are too bent.

What are some consequences of poorly adjusted seats?

When legs are too bent because of the wrong seat level too much power needs to be used thus tiring out the leg. The knee muscles will also be placed under an unnecessary amount of pressure. Remember to get the right seat level adjustment and use a Paddy & Nelly saddle.

We’re Always On Hand

Paul & Elke will always be on hand to advise you on the best way to adjust your seat to provide for the ultimate experience in cycling.

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